Company Background

Freight  Focus International  Logistics (Pvt) Ltd is amongst the renowned global  cargo service providers headquartered at 106 Fife Avenue, Harare.  We offer a broad portfolio of services including Air Freight Services,  Railways Transportation Services, Roadways Cargo Services, Sea Cargo  Services, air freight logistics, Customs Clearance Services, Port  Handling Services, Warehousing Services, etc. Our expertise also  includes providing comprehensive and tailor-made solutions to meet the  relocation needs of corporate and residential clients.

We have been known for delivering reliable cargo handling services. Our  company has been credited for providing Air Freight services, Freight  Logistics services, hassle-free services for clearance of both export  and import consignments at customs channels. Leveraging on the extensive logistics and communications network, our team can create  cost-effecctive solutions tailored to meet your needs. We have made a  strong repute for impeccable freight logistics services in Zimbabwe and  the world, which is characterized by Timeliness, Flexibility, Swiftness, Safety and Reliability.

Today, our presence is conspicuous in both the domestic as well as the  overseas markets, with international network links in more than 50  global locations. This can be primarily credited to our "Well Planned  Services", "Deļ¬ned Mode of Operation", "Resourceful Network", "Talented  Workforce", and "Business Ethics". The combination of global reach and  local knowledge is a key competitive-edge for Freight Focus Logistics

The latest tracking facilities enable us to provide exact status of the  consignment on the move. Moreover, our experienced team can quickly  assess a critical situation, identify transportation alternatives and  implement a delivery solution that meets your need and cost  requirements. Following strict safety standards & superior quality  control, we also take pride in our professionalism and speedy execution  of assignments. Further, our dynamic style of working and association  formed with leading freight forwarding companies of the world helps us  to extend our reach to every corner of the globe.

We are undisputed leaders amongst the freight forwarding companies based  in Harare. Serving the people & organizations across the globe, our  business operations are successfully led by Mr. Wellington Machigidi.  His in-depth understanding of the trade has enabled us to set many  examples of tackling adverse situations and demanding tasks  successfully.

Mr. Wellington Machigidi brings with him an  unmatched adroitness with the task and colossal driving force, a result  of his intensive experience with international removal companies and  freight forwarding companies. His valuable experience has taken our  company to a new level, at par with its International counterparts.