Quality & Achievements


Our operational excellence provides the foundation for the integrated  logistics solutions that we offer to our customers. The team of skilled  professionals constantly monitors operational performance by maintaining a PDCA (Plan / Do / Check / Action) cycle for continuous improvements.  We focus on the development of highly advanced logistics technology and  the global training of personnel. By providing in-depth analyses of the  transportation environment and of various other technical services, our  mission is to add critical value to our logistics solutions. Our strong  competiveness relies on our proven track record of high quality  operations, a tradition maintained throughout our growing global  network.


We have consistently demonstrated a collaborative approach of working with customers to our best logistic solutions tailored to meet their  individual needs. Our working methodology has enabled us to create a  benchmark in the industry. Some of our notable achievements are listed  below:

  1. Delivering our cient cargo services through its associate oxces located over 50 countries across the world.
  2. Evolved with a highly effective European and Global Networks for providing  door-to-door services along with overseas partners linked Electronic  Data Interchange (EDI).
  3. Developed Flexible Multi-Modal Capacity to combine Full Container Load (FCL) /  Less than Container Load (LCL) Deep Sea Services with its Air Cargo and  Land Network across the globe.
  4. Stock control, warehousing and distribution programs along with a range of  Track and Trace systems for importing as well as exporting.