Dangerous goods can be defined as materials or items with hazardous properties which if not properly controlled, present a potential hazard to human and animal health and safety, the environment and infrastructure.

Dangerous goods can be solids, liquids or gases. They can be hot or cold, pungent or odourless, transparent or coloured and their hazardous effects can be anything from minimal to fatal. They may be pure chemicals, mixtures of substances, manufactured products or individual articles on their own.

Some hazardous effects of these goods can include acidic / caustic burning of skin tissue, the emission of flammable and/or toxic fumes, some products can be corrosive to metals and other materials, others can be explosive by nature or when exposed to sources of heat. Certain goods can be harmful to the environment if not contained properly and others can react dangerously to water.

The transportation of dangerous goods is regulated in order to prevent as far as possible, accidents involving people or property, damage to the environment, to the means of transport employed or to other goods being transported. Each mode of transport, (air, sea, road, rail and inland waterway) has its own regulations.

~ Explosives
~ Gases
~ Flammables Substances with a tendency to spontaneously combust
~ Toxic and infectious substances
~ Oxidising substances and organic peroxides
~ Radioactive materials
~ Corrosives
~ Magnetised materials
~ Military items


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