We offer full support for all of your road freight needs. We support local, interstate, and international road freight transport, including solo and combined transports, oversize cargo, and partial loads. We operate through an established network of road freight carriers who have been through our extensive screening process.

We are a full-service logistics services provider. We work with clients in Zimbabwe and abroad to support their domestic and international logistics needs via road transport.

we proudly stand head and shoulders above our competitors offering similar logistics services. Our unique combination of experience, service, and technology allows us to provide logistics services that offer a high degree of reliability while remaining cost effective.

We provide an all encompassing general freight and courier transport to key destinations including regional areas and support for both Individuals and Companies operations. Dedicated regional runs will ensure that your shipment will get to its destination in the required time frame.

Refrigerated Transport Services

We provide a full certified refrigerated transport solution for all food and medical products. Sticking to our high standards and regularly audited you can be sure that your food and products will always arrive fresh and in original condition. We take perishables safety seriously, and are creating a fully temperature controlled “cold chain” cargo quality system for imported fresh produce that extends from the unloading of the cargo through storage and processing.

Direct Express Regional Couriers

We supply several high profile supermarket customers with urgent direct courier services. This ‘Hot Shot’ service is a courier service originating from the receivers suppliers in Harare, that is dispatched directly and without delay to regional supermarkets branches in and around Harare. This service is crucial to maintain a profitable 24/7 operations required within the small to mediumenterprise and agriculture sectors of the industry.

Overnight Road Freight Services

Our business is well diversified and offers an overnight road freight service between Harare and the central and northern towns of Zimbabwe. The business has the required delivery vehicles at its disposal and can therefore handle any consignment for any customer, big or small. Through our established overnight road freight service, we will continue to live up to its mission to provide the highest level of transportation services with safe and timely deliveries, and competitive pricing. Our clients deserve the best service they can get, and can choose a company that prides itself with continually exceeding customer expectations.

Long Distance Road Freight Transport

We provide long distance transport and clearing services to its clients from Zimbabwe and neighboring countries, with Household & Electronic Goods, Foodstuff, Industrial Goods, Other types of cargo being transported. The business’ constant growing fleet currently comprise of long haul trucks, which enables the business to move high volumes of cargo between Zimbabwe and Neighboring countries annually.

Oversize Loads

We can move any oversize load including overweight loads. Fully accredited and having a diverse fleet ready and capable of shifting any heavy haulage loads.We accumulated a vast store of large industrial equipment transport know-how, and handles a variety of heavy cargo items such as transformer plants, industrial equipment, petrochemical plants and railcars. We handle a broad range of such work, including the use of special large vehicles for heavy cargo transport, with the key points being safety and quality.


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Unbeatable Trucking and Transport Services

Our operational excellence provides the foundation for the integrated logistics solutions that we offer to our customers. The team of skilled professionals constantly monitors operational performance by maintaining a PDCA (Plan / Do / Check / Action) cycle for continuous improvements. We focus on the development of highly advanced logistics technology and the global training of personnel. By providing in-depth analyses of the transportation environment and of various other technical services, our mission is to add critical value to our logistics solutions. Our strong competetiveness relies on our proven track record of high quality operations, a tradition maintained throughout our growing global network.